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Soviet Logos (or Sovlogo in short) is a project which aims to gather, preserve and publish logos created in the USSR. The function, development and history of logos has been quite widely examined in the global context. There exists hundreds of treatises, albums and other publications which classify, define and evaluate short, but quite eventful history of logos. However, such level of analysis does not hold true to marks created behind the Iron Curtain. Even though the creation of logos took part and, in some cases, flourished in the USSR, little research has been done concerning this topic. The Soviet Logos project is set to rediscovered the long forgotten Soviet graphic design heritage and to make it publicly available through Instagram page and recently released book Soviet Logos: Lost Marks of the Utopia.


The project analyzes Soviet logos both, as standalone graphical creations and as a part of broader economic, social and political context of the era. Even though Soviet logos in the long run developed into a rich field of creativity and reached the global level, practically there was no real need for such creations. Created in a system where the absence of economic rivalry, coruption and poor product quality eliminated the commercial function, logos, meticulously drawn by specialists of various fields, became a redundant element exposing the contradictions and shortcomings of the socialist utopia.



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Ukrainian Trademarks 1960-1980, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2017

Design Weekends, Samara, Russia, 2019

Design Thursdays, Kaunas, Lithuania, 2019

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May Day demonstration in Pärnu, Estonian SSR. 1986

ETKVL Pärnu Kalakombinaat: töötajad 1. mai demonstratsioonil, MM F 1399/7, Eesti Meremuuseum SA


Baltic food industry exhibition in Riga, Latvian SSR. 1966

Lithuanian Central State archives, LVCA, R-396, ap. 5, b. 8.